HubSpot Email Campaign Analytics Overview (traffic)

by M. Frank Johnson, Chief HubSpot Consultant | 02-Jul
Updated: 17-Dec-2018
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Desktop visitor (default). An easy way to add 'smart content' to a blog post is  to use a CTA.

Many variables factor into how well email performs for your business. The following HubSpot Marketing Email Analytics Overview example will help you focus on some key performance indicators (KPIs).

- Delivery Rate 
- Open Rate 
- Click Rate 
- Click Through Rate (CTR) 
- Bounce Rate 
- Abuse Complaint Rate


How well does email convert for your audience?
Only way to know ... test ... test ... then ... wait for it ... test some more. :)

Skip the typical bs -- i.e., generic email blasts to non-segmented lists.

Start with laser focus ...
- Send a highly personalized email to a very specific segment of your list.
- Then optimize by tweaking that send (over time) until you achieve an acceptable open rate (>30% -- average is 20.81%, but we don't believe in 'average', so ...)
- AND, more importantly, tweak that send until you achieve an acceptable click-through-rate (>3%? -- only you know what's acceptable here).

- see Average Open Rates for Email & Other Email Benchmarks (MailChimp)

Important distinctions between Click Rate and Click-Through-Rate (CTR)
(see image)


Emails perform better when they have:
- Great subject lines
- Strong CTAs ...
- Personalization ...
- Real sent-from addresses ...
- Targeted, opted-in recipient lists ...

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