HubSpot Smart CTAs By Referral Source (traffic)

by M. Frank Johnson, Chief HubSpot Consultant | 14-Sep
Updated: 24-Oct-2019
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By default, HubSpot CTA views and clicks are tracked and reported on a per page / per email basis, but without regard to referral source. CTA views only match page views under ideal conditions and there is currently no built-in HubSpot source report showing CTA referral source.

Here's what our (sanitized) use case looked like for a service professional client when we needed to make a 'Book A Meeting' CTA 'smart' based on referral source. This allowed us to analyze CTA referral source data without regard for MQL referral source which doesn't always tell the whole story.
(see image - Smart CTA settings)


We were able to INITIALLY achieve the high correlation between CTA and MQL referral sources shown below because initially we were able to limit the triggering of the MQL Lifecycle stage so that it only occurred as a result of meeting bookings -- again, initially. (oh ... did I say, 'initially'? haha) Once other behaviors in the portal were allowed to trigger the MQL Lifecycle stage things became ... well ... 'normalized' -- aka: HubSpot crazy.

That being said, the smart CTA by referral source continues to act as a valid conversion KPI on its own even after normalization. And can be very helpful when trying to identify revenue opportunities if / when high value conversions are tied to the Smart CTA(s) begin used.
(see image - MQLs)


(see image - Smart CTAs & MQLs)


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