How to Copy HubSpot Deal Properties to Contacts & Companies ...

by M. Frank Johnson, Chief HubSpot Consultant | 01-Jul
Updated: 20-Aug-2018
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HubSpot Workflows

As most HubSpot Super Admins know, HubSpot Workflows do not yet permit the copying of HubSpot deal property data to HubSpot contact and company properties.

Until HubSpot Workflows permit the copying of HubSpot deal property data to HubSpot contact property data as native functionality we'll need to use custom Contact properties, custom Deal properties and cloud-based integration tools to achieve our goals.
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03-hubspot-re-engage-contact-task-exampleHubspot Sales Pro users in the field need to know "details" about deals in HubSpot. You know the important stuff like ...

- Deal Amount

- Contact Person

- Company

- Date To Re-engage The Contact

- A Link To The Deal (just in case we want to go there)


The easiest ways to get this deal information while in the field and without the need to login to HubSpot is via HubSpot Tasks and email. However, HubSpot tasks and emails tend to be limited to information available in the contact record.

That is, until we add our custom contact properties and populate those properties with deal information.
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Just last month (June 2018) HubSpot announced yet another cloud integration partnership with a Zapier-like bot company named
- see HubSpot Integrations

Lead by Ashok Reddy Gudibandla and based in San Francisco, allows us to build bots that take HubSpot automation beyond its built-in limitations. And it's waaay easier than existing cloud integration tools we've used (e.g., Zapier).
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Does this solution require advance planning? Yes.

Does this solution take time to test and implement? Yes.

Does this solution address a pain point that has no built-in HubSpot solution? Absolutely.


We recommend using this solution in conjuction with HubSpot smart lists and workflows to trigger auto Task creation and internal email notifications (as needed). If you're using HubSpot Marketing Pro or HubSpot Enterprise feel free to reach out for assistance.

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