What Does MailChimp Do That HubSpot Cannot?

by M. Frank Johnson, Chief HubSpot Consultant | 01-Apr
Updated: 20-Aug-2018
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Short A: You're comparing 'apples' to 'orange' (literally). haha

Longer A:

Ok.First of all comparing MailChimp to HubSpot is like comparing Batman to Superman. Both may be superheros, but only Superman has native intrinsic abilities with or without his costume.

MailChimp is a newsletter email service provider (ESP) turned ESP turned pseudo marketing platform turned pseudo ecommerce marketing platform with absolutely zero CRM capability.

Like Batman, MailChimp has a great 'costume' -- their excellent marketing as a do-it-yourself (DIY) email automation platform AND their newly updated drag-n-drop email designer. Also, like Batman, MailChimp has cool tools -- multiple lists, groups, and segments.

However, HubSpot is some 'other world isht' -- a fully mature marketing automation platform currently evolving into a fully integrated ecommerce marketing platform which also includes a native CRM with soon-to-be-functional conversational marketing capability. (cite: Shopify native integration and Motion.ai chatbot functionality announced at INBOUND17)

- see '5 Reasons Not To Use HubSpot ...' (opens new tab)

Like Superman, HubSpot has a great 'costume' -- their prolific inbound content marketing machine. Also, like Superman, HubSpot has cooler tools -- native smart lists which are auto-updated based on criteria you set giving you 'x-ray vision' into your CRM, and workflows which allow you to basically 'program' the automation around nearly anything you can dream of (within reason) -- sorta like making the Earth spin faster to travel through time.

Bottom line?

When stripped of their costumes, MailChimp (like Batman) is absolutely no match for HubSpot.

In fact, it's not even a fair comparison. We're talking humans compared to aliens who gain superhuman strength simply being in the presence of a yellow Sun -- aka: HubSpotters! haha


Make two lists ...

-- one for awesome email service providers trying to become marketing automation platforms (with zero CRM capability).

-- one for fully mature marketing automation platforms with native CRM capability and super human strength built-in.


Then decide which will best serve your needs because the costs of both purchasing and operating each are dramatically different.

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